Check in on... Rosé

It’s time we check in on…Rose. There’s something alluring about Rose. Just the colour has so many applications. Maybe during your hipster stage, you wore rose tinted lenses to the music festival you’d been saving for all year; maybe it’s your favourite shade of lipstick; maybe the colour of your favourite coloured shirt?

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Whether a before dinner cheese and meat board, a warm night in with roast lamb and jacket potatoes, or lunch in the garden with grilled sole, lemon and sautéed potatoes a good bottle of rosé is applicable in many different situations. The generally lower alcohol level allows certain sweetness’s to shine through most meals and though not always memorable is nevertheless like a gentle soundtrack playing in the background of any occasion. Here’s the plug Mad Hatter never fails to jab into my ribs – Rozina Rosé.

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To show you just how diverse rose’s application is try the ‘Beret’ with these Cosmo cocktail recipes for a before dinner tipple, then a glass on it’s own with this pork loin with a great herby stuffing recipe by Jamie Oliver, and to finish a glass with Gordon Ramsay’s strawberry shortbread stacks.


The Mad Hatter