Packing The Perfect Picnic

Here at Mad Hatter Wine Co, we’re all about experiences. We aren’t just about drinking wine but also the experiences you can have with it. The weather influences so much of our day to day lives. From how we dress, to staying home or going out, it even influences what we drink. 

With Australia day long weekend here we have compiled a few pointers to ensure you have that perfect picnic. 

  1. Pack Essentials

It’s sunny, and that perfect picnic spot has your name written all over it. Don’t be fussy, going on a picnic isn’t meant to be stressful.Throw together a basket of goodies from cheeses to cold meats, some fresh fruit and sandwiches. Grab a picnic blanket, some essential glasses and run out the door!


          2.  Phones Away

I for one have a problem of being tech-obsessed. We spend far too much time staring at our phones, scrolling through our news feed and trying to get the perfect pic for Instagram. Use a picnic as an opportunity to have some time to yourself, one-on-one time with your partner or as an opportunity to catch up with friends. Take a book or a deck of cards or a board game and remain free from the outside world. Remember phones away!!

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          3. Pack the right wines

When I think of sunshine, my mind wanders from heavy, full-bodied reds to bubbles, whites and Rosé… Picnic wines need to be thirst quenching and cold. Rosé is the quintessential picnic wine, and it’s perfect in summer for all occasions. Yeah, it's pink. Guys may think they can’t drink it to maintain that guy card. However, in reality, a nice bottle of rosé compliments pretty much all things picnic.

For your next picnic try Rozina Rosé. 


          4. Look after yourself and clean up. 

It’s pretty obvious you're going to be out in the sun. So remember to slop on some sunscreen, put on a hat and slide on some glasses. Stay hydrated, those picnics can go on for hours and once you combine a long picnic with how God damn good rosé is you can forget and overindulge.

Lastly, make sure you leave your picnic spot nice and clean and importantly remember to drink responsibly.