'El Loco' Tempranillo

'El Loco' Tempranillo

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Vintage: 2015

Origin: Riverland, South Australia

Tastes Like: Fresh plum and spicy notes on the nose. Some earthy, charred meat characters in the mix too. It’s bright and soft and swishes through the mouth with ease.

Goes With: Tapas Food

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This wine won a gold medal at the Melbourne International Wine Competition 2016.


We are super psyched to introduce you to this exciting winemaking area. We love it — and you will, too!

Meet the 2015 El Loco (Madman) Tempranillo. Produced by Alex Russell an award-winning winemaker and viticulturist with more than 13 years industry experience studying and working as a winemaker through various wine regions in Australia and abroad. Most notably he was the head winemaker at Angoves for a number of years. 

We teamed up with Alex to bring to you a great wine to quaff and enjoy for its fruit, colour, aroma and youth. An early ripening Spanish variety, this is a red wine for sunshine! The beauty of this style of wine is that you can drink it chilled - and you should if you feel like a red on a scorcher.

Riverland & Tempranillo

Since Riverland in South Australia began producing wine in the 1920s, it made a name for itself by producing New World twists on Old World classics. Today, it’s known for distinctive versions of Fiano, Durif, Nero d'Avola, Lagrein, Vermentino , and Tempranillo, with the latter being our particular favorite.

How can a region just east of the world-famous Barossa Valley produce versions of Tempranillo that rival those from Spain, the grape’s actual home?

It’s all in the climate, baby.

Because of its thick skin and early-ripening nature, Tempranillo can survive (and, in fact, thrive) in hotter areas such as Spain where other varieties wouldn’t make it. Like Spain, Riverland wine country boasts dense, rich soil and warm weather, making it the perfect stateside region for this hardy black grape.