Mad Hatter Pinot Gris

Mad Hatter Pinot Gris

from 15.00

Vintage: 2018

Origin: Adelaide Hills

Smells Like: juicy pear and citrus, honeysuckle and a touch of grapefruit

Tastes Like: citrus flavours; lemon & lime, pear, easy to drink

Goes With: chicken risotto, seafood, goats gouda, brie, mozzarella

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We're mad about this wine. It's the same as Pinot Grigio but definitely not underdone like its counterpart. Fruity goodness from this classic French variety. The warm days and cool nights in the vineyard mean we've created a refreshing, tropical white wine that's dripping with flavour. 

The nashi pear combined with freshly squeezed citrus flavours of lemon and lime create a sophisticated wine. It's ready to drink right now! 

Perfect on those sunny days, socialising with friends or pre-drinks with the girls. 

“Unreal value at $15 a bottle.”

The Pinot Gris Variety

People get confused thinking Pinot Gris and Grigio are a different grape varietal. Really it's two countries differentiating the same grape variety. Pinot Gris (French) is generally a fuller, riper wine that generally has some sweetness to it. Whilst Grigio (Italian) is crisp and dry. Both styles however portray similar characteristics of stone fruit, citrus and spice. Don't be fooled, some can't tell the difference between the 2 styles. Even winemakers get confused when making them.