Mad Hatter 'Fashionista' Sparkling

Mad Hatter 'Fashionista' Sparkling

from 15.00

Vintage:  NV 

Origin: Orange  

Smells Like: lively lemon, citrus

Tastes Like: green apples and citrus flavours, enhanced with zingy acidity & exquisitely fine bubbles 

Goes With: oysters, fried chicken, fresh seafood, tripple cream cheese

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A bubbly blanc de blanc, with a zingy yet dry finish. Think crunchy granny smith apples and the citrus fruit flavours of lemon and lime. The girls tasted this one last weekend and it was met with unanimous approval.

Perfect for that un-birthday party, to kick start the night or even to celebrate something special.



"White from White". This is universally sparkling wine made from Chardonnay grapes. Without the driving fruit flavours and red fruit of a Pinot Noir based sparkling. The end result is a soft and delicate style of wine with enough versatility to please the party. Blanc de Blanc is dry with that hint of sweetness. 

An awesome style of wine to drink anytime. 



Orange is high, very cool and diverse. The region has very similar traits to that of Bordeaux. There is the right amount of sun and heat for the grapes to reach ripeness, while having enough breathing space during the cool nights, which help them keep their acidity and aroma. Orange you glad you decided to go ahead and try some wines from this fruity and delicious region.