End of Vintage Mad Hatter 'Beret' Rosé

End of Vintage Mad Hatter 'Beret' Rosé

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Vintage: 2017 

Origin: Orange

Smells Like: strawberry sorbet, fresh raspberry and a touch of spice

Tastes Like: raspberry, smooth and dryish finish

Goes With: veal, chicken, charcuterie, pork, grilled fish or spicy foods  

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So many people these days are suckers for a good rosè.  No matter how hot or cold it is, how sunny or dark it is, rosè is always in season. A Merlot inspired rosé; refreshing, dry & overflowing with red fruit flavours, raspberry and strawberry.

This is the Mad Hatters pick for random nights with friends, cheese and gossip. It's bright and fruity yet crisp and refreshing. If you love great food then this is one wine that's good to match.  

“It’s a steal at only $12 a bottle.”


Rosé is the perfect wine for sipping in the park or for a barbeque. Rosè has become incredibly popular. It's lovely and pink, it varies from being bone dry, cool and crisp. To an incredibly succulent, juicy lolly water. Unlike white grapes that make white wine and red grapes making red wine, Rosé gets it's colour from the amount of contact the skin gets with the juice. The skins colour bleeds into the juice giving off its pink colour. There's a Rosé to suit everyone you just need the right occasion to enjoy it. Luckily ours is perfect for any of them... 



Orange is high, very cool and diverse. The region has very similar traits to that of Bordeaux. There is the right amount of sun and heat for the grapes to reach ripeness, while having enough breathing space during the cool nights, which help them keep their acidity and aroma. Orange you glad you decided to go ahead and try some wines from this fruity and delicious region.